Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Plan #1 SHOT

Okay, so I woke up to an oil leak under my poor car (which just turned 100,000 miles a few weeks ago).  As such, I wanted to handle it and not drive the hour+ to the air show.  You know... trying to be responsible & all that jazz.  So, forced to stay local, I did what any "photographer" would do; steal their Mom's car & drive around until finding something worthy of picture taking.  Here's what I found.

First, I must admit, I've decided that I'm completely addicted to old, beat up windows.  I never knew that about myself 'til I got a good camera.

Then, there's Peggy.  What a beauty, huh??  It took all my strength not to hot-wire her and take off into the sunset.  Gorgeous.

I don't know what the rope was used for, but it made for a pretty picture.  Bear in mind, this was taken from outside, through the barred window.

Then, there was this little shack thing.  OMG, what a perfect "country" photo op.  It had this great one teal shutter.  The other might have been the same colour on the outside, but I was sticking to my "photograph, don't touch" policy so I don't really know.  

So, fellow photogs, let this be a lesson to you.  Just because you can't go where you planned to go, don't let it keep you from going where you were meant to go.

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