Monday, October 10, 2011

Photographing Children

Okay, so I know I'm biased, but I think my two little ones are pretty darn cute.  My son is such a ham and my daughter is so used to having a camera stuck in her face she barely even notices anymore until I holler at her to hold still.  I love photographing them.

I do not love trying to photograph them together.

Have you ever tried to photograph two race cars that are going in opposite directions?  Now, imagine if those race cars could shut their eyes or make strange faces.  Randomly with no warning.

That's what it's like trying to take a picture of two little kids together. All the pictures in this post started life as pictures of the two of them, one looking so sweet, the other looking like they're about to sneeze, throw up, or cry; or maybe even do all three at once.

I try not to let those pics throw me for a loop.  All I can say is "thank God for the crop tool in Photoshop". In this pic of my little girl, my son was rolling his eyes and picking his nose.  Yup.  Classy, that one.


And then, look at this gorgeous boy!  He was smiling for all he was worth and his whole little face just lit up! My daughter, however, was blurry from rolling the grass, looking the other way and like she'd had one too many doses of children's NyQuil.


Of course, once in a while, it all comes together and you get the perfect happy-family-together pic.  Everyone's smiling, everyone's looking at the camera, everyone's eyes are open and no one's blurry.

When I get one of those, I'll post it.  Until then, I guess I'm stuck with funny faces!


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  1. How cute! You're right, you do have fantastically cute kids!